It's never been that easy to plan projects!

Stopilo has been designed to make the daily management of your schedules easier. As it is widely customizable, it adapts to your reality and not the other way round!

Adapted to your organization


Customized splits

Choose the time slots and units that are the most relevant to you.


Schedules are edited in real time by several users at a time.


The schedule is emailed to anyone any which way you want.


You no longer need to wait for all the info to book your projects. Put them on stand-by, waiting to be scheduled.

Manage availability

Fill in the time your resources are not available. And planning errors are a thing of the past.

Ready-to-use templates

Store a planning template and re-use it for another client or project. No need to reinvent the wheel!

2 planning levels

Plan projects and include tasks. You're free to adapt them to your requirements.

Do you have in-house developers?
They will just love the Stopilo API.

As it is open and documented,
the Stopilo API lets you interconnect
the tools that are already present in your company
with Stopilo.

No credit card or commitments
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